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Industry Good Deeds

So Lien Randle and her husband Patrick Meehan are great elevator friends. Their family owned Atlas Elevator in San Fran for years. I served on the NAEC Board of Directors with Don Randle, Lien’s dad. Lien joined the NAEC Board later on and went on to become the NAEC president. These guys flew all the way from SD to NY to help me celebrate when I turned 60.

They live in San Diego now. Patrick is with Thyssen and Lien is the Branch Manager for Mitsubishi. I am happy to be helping out by giving Liens cause a little more exposure. Even though I am sending a small personal donation, I am really just making you aware of some of the neat things going on in our industry.

Follow this link to see ahat Lien is up to.

Good on you Lien


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