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MESA Golf Outing

So after Monday night at the Braves game, I caught an early flight back to LaGuardia – put in a couple of hours in the office and turned around and drove up to Boston on Tues PM.

What a lucky thing. The MESA (Mass Elevator Safety Asso) golf outing was scheduled for earlier this summer, but the weather forecast was so bad that it was postponed – until this Weds. On the original date, it rained sideway all day. Wednesday it was absolutely gorgeous – sunny, high of maybe 72.

Annnnddd – the rescheduled event drew more than had planned to attend on the original date. Rolie Locke, Service Sales Manager for ThyssenKrupp in Boston is the guy who deserves the credit. He had the confidence call off one, go into scramble mode – and pull off another. Too good.

Mark Yako and I ham-and-egged it around the golf course. Along with Neil Hussey of Stanley Elevator and Branden Bryan from Alliance Elevator we finished out of the money at 6 under par. I did win a ‘closest to the pin’ on one of the par threes – explained to all that this confirms the ‘blind squirrel’ theory.

The MESA outing is a fund raiser for scholarships in the name of Garr Finney. I don’t know the specifics but Rolie let it be known that Garr would be proud.

Mark and I kept up the teamwork the next AM and called on Delta Beckwith Elevator – a great long-time customer. Yako is terribly impressive when he gets on a roll. He has the GAL and Hollister Whitney stuff down pat. It’s fun to be his straight man.

As good as the trip to Boston was, I absolutely hate the drive up and down that I-95 corridor. Whew, there is a car 15 feet in front and 15 feet in back – everyone doing 65 MPH – 100% 0f the time. Pot holes and construction. Was happy to get back to the Garden State. (everyone sees the humor here ya?) I’ll have another Jack Daniels


Catching Up

Whew, life is flying by – and I’ve been lagging in updating this blog. I have been lucky enough to attend several fun industry events recently.

On June 4th, I met Mark Yako in Chicago where we tag-teamed a full blown customer product presentation. Mark has this stuff down to an art and he is well known and respected in the Chicago area. Fun stuff. We went separate ways with different elevator groups for a while in the afternoon which gave me a chance to catch up with (share an adult beverage) my good friend Mark Kosiara from Urban Elevator.

The evening of June 4th was the annual Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation Boat Ride fund raiser. Some 160 Elevator types enjoyed a cruise on Lake Michigan on the Spirit Of Chicago. Barbara Allen, Executive Director of the Foundation, was on board to say thanks. I guess I don’t know the entire committee who puts this together but I know that Ed Chmielewski (Anderson Elevator) and Cornelius Walls (Formula Systems) put a lot of effort into it. I couldn’t make it, but Corn had a group of friendlies out to Wriggly for the Cubs game the night before. Having two elevator related events in a row, makes this trip really attractive to out-of-towners.

The next week – June 8, 9, and 10, Hollister Whitney and GAL hosted our annual Consultants gathering in Quincy Il. This is always a great opportunity for us to show off our stuff and this year was no exception.

In a classroom setting, Rick Cahoon and Doug Deitrich delivered formal presentations on PMAC Gearless machines, and the other MRL components coming out of Hollister. Steve Husband covered the MOVFE door equipment coming from Canada. Doug did a return engagement to explain the G model Rope grippers followed by Mark Duckworth’s presentation of GAL’s newly released GALaxy IV control. Frank Marchese batted clean-up covering our new FM and FMG products.

In the afternoon, the whole group spread out and got a close look at the Hollister Whitney factory and test tower. It is really fun to show visitors through these facilities. Hollister’s factory is clean and modern. Every year there are new and more sophisticated machines on the floor. And the people at Hollister are second to none. They are engaged, competent, and friendly – always willing to explain our processes to any interested visitor.

Lest it should sound like it was all work, I’ll also tell you that we had cocktails and dinner on a riverboat on the Mississippi on Monday night. On Tues, Frank Musholt hosts a big bash at his house on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi. It is a spectacular under-the-tent event where everyone mingles, laughs, and shares elevator stories. During the evening, we shoot clay pigeons and hit golf balls, and then after dinner, the night ends in an unbelievable display of fireworks.

I have to mention Kathy Guifoyle (Hollister) – whew – She does all of the logistics and organization necessary to fly this group of 28 into St Louis, gather, move ‘em to Quincy, arrange the lodging, meals, and transportation back to St Louis and then flights home. Quite a feat. All of the consultants love Kathy before this event is over.

OK – I got caught up. No pics cause I have no time. Next week there is the Pop / Joe outing in NY and then a group NAEC Directors are going to come tour at GAL. I’ll do my best write up some feedback.

Elevator U at Ames

I spent last week in Ames, Iowa – Iowa State University – at the annual gathering of Elevator U. This is a hybrid group of elevator types. All are involved with large numbers of elevators – mostly on university campuses. Some are advisory and some have crews who do maintenance and repairs on their equipment.

This is a great group of people for GAL and Hollister Whitney. They tend to like the same things that we are good at. High quality, non-proprietary elevator equipment is important to the people charged with keeping this equipment running economically and for a full life expectancy. I was joined there by Mark Yako of GAL and Brian Musholt and Doug Deitrich of Hollister Whitney. At our booth, we had a really good opportunity to spread the news about all of the new products and product improvements coming out of both of our companies.


Marv Schumacher and I look over a Hollister gearless machine in the Schumacher factory

On Tuesday, all of the attendees took a road trip to Denver Iowa and the Schumacher Elevator headquarters and factory. These guys have been great customers and friends for more years than I can remember. Marv, Helen, and Jeff Schumacher, Mark Treatow and all of the folks at Schumacher made us very welcome and gave us a close look at their very impressive manufacturing operations. I know, because Hollister is also in a remote location, how fun it is to show off when you get the rare opportunity to have visitors. These guys get it and pulled out all the stops – good stuff for everyone.


The whole crew shows up at Schumacher Elevator

43 suppliers set up their booths to show their stuff to some 150 attendees – a record attendance number for this event. A social event – cocktails and dinner –  held right on the expo floor on Weds night was really well received and gave everyone a chance to mingle and talk – making a neat combination of party and product. During the night, a silent auction was held for the benefit of the EESF – the bidding wars generated a lot of friendly chuckles.

Congratulations go to Don Neilsen and his cohorts at Iowa State University for hosting a very organized and well orchestrated event on their campus. And kudos also to Terri Flint, Steve Pydynowski, Brad O’Guynn, Don Ross, Ed Jaskowak, Tom Sybert and Glenn Duncan who all contributed to making this happen. Nice work all around.

Euro Lift

Well, Euro lift did not disappoint. It was a well organized and well attended elevator exposition. Some 110 exhibitors participated. Show management said that they would send me the attendance numbers after they are totaled – but we stayed busy for all of the first two days saw some visitors on the third. Probably really would only need to be a two day show. Read more…


Well, I guess that’s why they call it an experiment – doesn’t always work

I am at the MADE (Milano Architettura Design Ediliziz) show – in Milan Italy. For years there was an elevator only show here every year. This year, that show got cancelled and the lift association here threw in with this huge architectural exhibit. The show is a monster, they are expecting some 350,000 visitors – the elevator portion is definitely not. Read more…

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