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Holiday Happenings

I had a couple of fun days last week.

Received an invitation from Jack Higgs of Quality Elevator in MD to come and join for his Christmas open house. Jack and I go back a long way together. This guy really does it in a first class fashion. Pounds and pounds of shrimp, hundreds of 6 different types of raw oysters, two sushi chefs, crab bisque, roast beef – and a cupcake tree for desert – not to mention live music and private labeled wine – whew.

Des DiSimone made a welcome appearance – retirement looks very good on him. And Jim Snyder, the current moving force behind Quality Elevator was everywhere making guests welcome. It was a special pleasure to catch up with Tom and Nancy LaPorte, Jack’s partners and great friends from our days back in Chicago.

Jack Higgs, Tom & Nancy LaPorte

Jack Higgs, Tom & Nancy LaPorte

I drove back to New York on Thurs in time to make it to the Elevator Conference of New York’s annual holiday gathering. I should have asked for specifics but I bet there were some 120 attendees. This is a really active Board of Directors. They do monthly meetings, lots of educational seminars, the annual Showcase, conduct contests for scholarships, an always several purely social events.

Sat with my friend Ed DeFlippis (KONE NY) for dinner. He and I had a really good time traveling together during his term as NAEC President and it’s always good to catch up.

Worth mentioning is the fact that while I am attending these events in temperate climes, my teammate Mark Yako was hitting the hot holiday events in the frigid zone – Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston. He said it wasn’t so bad – but he was happy that there wasn’t an elevator association in Alaska!


ECNY Does It Again

The ECNY Supplier Showcase is a regional event like no other. I wish I had asked about the details but because I didn’t, here are my guesses (hopefully a reader will know the facts)

I’m guessing that last Weds marked the fifth year for this event – where the Elevator conference of New York allows vendors from all over the country to come and show their stuff to the contractors and consultants from the New York area. Even in its first year you could see the potential. Suppliers jumped at the opportunity to come to NY and have the opportunity to meet and talk with locals, many of whom may not be there for the national events. And even in the first year, the contractors came out in droves. The ECNY leadership knew they had an instant hit.

I’m guessing there were 50 booths. Suppliers came from New York of course, but also from, in no particular order, Ohio, Illinois, Arkansas, Minnesota, Delaware, Missouri, California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, and I am sure from other places that I don’t remember. It’s crazy fun to walk thru these small isles and greet so many friends from around the country. Again a guess – there were some 10 new exhibitors this year. It is going to be difficult to stay in the current facility.

I’m guessing that there were some 300 contractors – maybe more. And the neat thing is that many of the NY area companies have their purchasing, engineering, and field supervision types there – people that you don’t get a chance to see and talk with at most of the national events. You might think that because GAL is in the Bronx that this is no biggie, but you’d be wrong. We have a great chance to get face to face with a lot of our best customers and show them what we’ve done lately. We consider it a terrific opportunity.

GAL introduced GALaxy 4 – the next generation of controls which has been recently released on a limited basis. We had a GAL Canada MOVFE linear operator running in the booth and we also demonstrated a new panel that can upgrade older controls so that they meet the NY DOB’s retroactive requirements for lock monitoring and protection against unintentional motion. Andrea Magaziner deserves special recognition for having organized this effort on behalf of all of us at GAL, HW, and GAL Canada.

The upshot? I’m guessing that this event will continue to grow in popularity. I’m guessing that more and more vendors will find the value in attendance. And I’m guessing that contractor ranks will also keep growing as everyone discovers the tremendous amount of learning that can get packed into a single day. That’s my guess

ECNY Supplier Showcase

The ECNY Supplier Showcase
This is a unique event – and ya, I know there are others of the same mold, but the ECNY Supplier Showcase is like nothing else. I’m not sure why, but the New York market is like none other.

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