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One More Time

So after playing in the Mid Atlantic Elevator Chapter outing in MD, Dick Vinciquerra and I jumped into my trusty Ford Explorer and took off for Casa Witham in Montvale NJ. We arrived home at 11:00 PM which seemed like a proper cause for celebration – so we did.

The next morning, was the annual Sons Of Italy golf outing. We’ve always called it the Bonardi outing because the primary organizer has been Eddie Bonardi – a great friend back to the days when he owned Archer Elevator. This one is a little different. Yes, it’s a golf outing but it’s not entirely elevator related (although it mostly is because of Eddie’s influence). It raises funds for scholarships that are awarded by the Rockland (County) Lodge of the Sons Of Italy. (You quickly discover that everyone around you has a last name that ends in a vowel!)

So for the last maybe 5 years, we have maintained the same foursome – Walter Glaser of GAL, Vinnie Moscato of Liberty Elevator, Dick Vinciquerra of AFD, and me. This year, due to the shuffling that always accompanies a golf outing, we were joined by Michael Bonardi of D & D Elevator (Eddies son) and played a 5 person scramble. It was a very social game and was great to spend time again with Michael.

Me, Walt, Michael, Vinnie, Dick

Me, Walt, Michael, Vinnie, Dick

After golf, everyone retires to the SOI Lodge for an hour or so of cocktails and hors douvers ( I know that misspelled) and then the lodge members / volunteers serve the 120 or so guest s a sit down, family style feast. It’s a very nice event. Greg DeCola of Omega Industries – a regional elevator consultant – is an active member of the SOI and the elevator industry, so he also plays a role in the festivities.

I had a chance to catch up with Gabe Capozzi. Gabe worked here at GAL for a while, did a stint at Schindler Headquarters in Morristown, and is now with Otis. He became familiar with the GAL product, and how well it installs and works – and has been sending us jobs ever since.

Well, I think that’s it for golf outings this year. You would think a guy might get good at it – Nooo – but they are great industry events and chances for comradery. There’s always next year


Fun in the sun with a gun

People who know me recognize this question: “Who has more fun than we do?” It comes jumping out of my mouth rather frequently – and it did again last Friday.

The event was named “Sporting Clays For Charity”. Nick Montesano, owner of DTM Elevator Consulting, deserves the kudo’s for coming up with this plan. It is absolute genius. He is also taking credit for the weather – sunny and 70 – for mid April that’s about as good as it gets around here.

So a whole bunch of elevator types (Contractors, Consultants, and Suppliers) get to spend a day together pursuing an activity that they all really enjoy, and at the same time raise money for a couple of very worthy charities – perfect! Who has more fun that we do?

Do you know Sporting Clays? It’s a little like golf – but with a shotgun. (you do ride around in a golf cart) There are 10 stations to shoot from and each attempts to duplicate some sort of hunting situation. Each participant shoots 100 rounds. (makes your shoulder sore huh, John). There are targets that come from overhead, under your feet, right to left, and left to right. There are even clays that bounce across the ground imitating a rabbit. If you like shotgunning, this is nirvana.

Michael Bonardi, Yours Truly, and John Sweeney. A day of sporting clays for charity

Michael Bonardi, Yours Truly, and John Sweeney. A day of sporting clays for charity

It is a very social game as well. Our squad consisted of a couple of really good friends – Michael Bonardi from D & D Elevator and John Sweeney from Jersey Elevator and me. We goofed on each other for the misses, congratulated each other on the good shots, and generally giggled our way through the 3 hour round. Who has more fun than we do?

The event was held at the Peconic River Sportsman’s Club in Manorville NY (I think this is about 15 miles due east of London England – a loooong way out on Long Island) The charities were The Visitation Academy – a special school for young ladies, and The Freeport Junior Club – a group dedicated to teaching young people about the safety and fun associated with shooting. Nick Montesano and I both have a passion for introducing people to the shooting sports.

Good friends, good fun, good weather, good food, good cause.

Who has more fun than we do?

Goose Hunting

Doug Witham, Michael Bonardi, John Mundt with 6 time world champ Josh Neuwiller and Remington (the Lab)

So what do you suppose happens when you get an elevator contractor, a consultant, and a supplier in a hotel room discussing elevators – (BTW we invited Jack Daniels to be the moderator). Yes – we solved almost all of the elevator industries problems in just two nights!

Actually, what happen was I went goose hunting with two good friends – Michael Bonardi of D & D Elevator and John Mundt Jr of Sterling Elevator Consulting. So goose hunting is over at kind of mid-day and what are you going to do? In our cases, you are going to talk elevators – and boy did we talk elevators. Read more…

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