Good on GAL

So here’s a touching story – It was passed around yesterday by Amy Mc Callion – Sales Dept. Manager at GAL. You can’t help but smile.

GAL’s customer, Alternate Sales in Orlando Florida, asked us if we could produce buttons that were ½” taller than normal. They wanted them for a college in Winter Park.

It was a bit of a strange request but not so difficult. A little extra engineering and then a special production run of buttons and it was done. It turns out that Alternate Sales wanted two sets of these special buttons. One was for training and the other was for the actual fixtures.



The Solution

The Solution

Here are the pictures that explain the situation. The buttons were for a handicapped man who cannot use his hands. His dog has been trained to respond to verbal commands to push the “up”, “down”, and floor buttons.

Man’s best friend indeed!


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2 thoughts on “Good on GAL

  1. Doug, I like that story. Sometimes special request are a pain in the butt but often times worthy of the pain.

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