NAEC Tampa 2

The final numbers aren’t in just yet but there were some 2200 people who attended the NAEC annual convention and expo in Tampa last week. What a gathering – If the word ‘elevator’ or ‘escalator’ is in your company name or on your business card, you should have been there – and likely were.

Aside from the high humidity (read that downpour) at the golf outing, the social events came off in spectacular fashion. In particular, the annual dinner dance was very nice. Most of us stayed and danced until our feet couldn’t take it. And the Dregs Party – the closing event – was also just perfect. Open air atmosphere on a beautiful night – great food, drink, and company.

There were some approximate 200 suppliers who manned their booths to show off all that is new and different in our industry. I am always very proud to be there as part of the GAL / Hollister Whitney / GAL Canada team. We have the largest and easily the most sophisticated booth. With two working elevators on the show floor we are able to demonstrate our capabilities to all of the contractors and consultants – and our people are just the best.

This year, our stand-out new products were the soon-to-be-released GALaxy IV control, and a new device that can be added to existing, older controls that can add door lock monitoring and Rope Gripper control. This is a big issue especially in New York where such a device will be required by code before much longer.

On the second floor of our booth you can look through the glass hoistway walls and see all of the details of both MRL configured elevators. We also serve beer – imagine that – elevator people and beer – perfect match – and provide a place for attendees to relax and mingle. I am attaching a panoramic photo from an I Phone to see if I can capture the view of the show floor as taken from our balcony.

The show floor from GAL's balcony

2200 elevator people? 200 elevator exhibitors? Whew. We burned that candle at both ends every day – then Teresa and I got to go with my son Dustin, his wife Lauren, and our granddaughter, their precious little Layla,  and decompress at Siesta Key for the weekend. What a perfect way to wind up a hectic week.

NAEC Convention and Expo – next fall – San Antonio TX. Be there


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