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John Whitfield in New York

I had a great time last week when I was able to welcome a friend from Australia to GAL. John Whitfield is a principle in the elevator consulting firm of Whitfield Rose. He and I have had several opportunities to break bread on my visits to Melbourne and he was kind enough to take a day out of his US vacation to come say hi.

Patrick Birmingham (honcho in GALaxy Tech Support) and I picked John up at his hotel and we went together to a couple of New York GALaxy installations. It’s always fun to be around people who are as elevator knowledgeable as John. His questions, observations, and comments are always smack on point – and the lifts in Australia are about as similar to ours as any get. This made for stimulating conversation all day.

We stopped first at 160 W 66th Street. The job is 60 stops, DC Gearless at 700 FPM. It was modernized with GALaxy by Centennial Elevator back in 2009. The cars rode very nicely and the machine room was in top notch condition. (see pic) We took advantage of the rooftop view for some picture taking. You can see up and down the Hudson River from the GW Bridge to the Statue of Liberty. John is something of a photography buff and he had a field day.

John Whitfield with me on site

John Whitfield with me on site

Our second stop was 444 E 75th Street. D & D Elevator had just finished a mod in this building using GALaxy controls as well as new Hollister Whitney geared machines and governors. The cars here run at 350 FPM over 27 stops. It was a show job. Absolutely perfect. I complimented  Michael Bonardi on it a couple of days later and he said they (D & D Elevator) were going to use pictures of this job for their new capabilities brochure.

So now timing became crucial. John wanted to see GAL and the Yankees were in town for a day game. We had to show up at GAL after the crowd was settled in its seats and then get out of Dodge before people began to leave. We executed the plan perfectly and John got a full cooks tour of our factory and offices including our PC board manufacturing operation.

It was getting late and we were getting hungry. We shot across the George and went south to pick up John’s gorgeous and graceful wife at the ferry station in Weehawken. Anne then joined us for a great, late, leisurely lunch right on the river at Le Jardin – one of my favorite restaurants in the NY area. Walter Glaser joined us toward the end and we filled the John and Anne in on what they ought to try to do with the rest of their time here.

I just received a note from John – which prompted me to write this blog. He says they walked all over the city, did the Circle Line boat tour, and took in Broadway – Kinky Boots – which I had highly recommended, saw Central Park and Grand Central. Say he wants to come back and explore some more.

It was great to have John here. If you are coming to New York City, let us know. We love the opportunity to show off our company and our city.


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