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Back Down Under

As I type this, I am sitting in Sydney Australia on a Friday evening – the last night of an action packed trip to the land down under. Spent the last week with the guys from Australian Lift Components – ALC represents GAL & Hollister Whitney down here. For the last week I have ping ponged around this country with Chris Carroll, MD of ALC, Wayne Brown, their National Sales Manager, and Doug Carroll who is ALC’s  Technical Manager.

Brownie – Wayne Brown – ALC’s National Sales Manager

We started by flying down to Melbourne last Sunday and spent Monday calling on customers and hosted a party for the consultants group there on Mon nite. We stopped at one final customer’s on Tues AM then caught a flight to Brisbane.  On arrival in Brisbane and began seeing customers as soon as we hit the ground – and finished with a dinner for the Brisbane area consultants. Weds AM we saw one more customer before we caught a flight back to Sydney.  In Sydney on Thurs we called on 4 contractors and then did the consultants dinner again for the locals. Saw a few more customers on Friday and then a very hectic trip came to an end.

I got the feeling that the elevator market in Australia is somewhat stronger that what we have in the US. I had the objective of introducing the Aussies to the MOVFE2500 linear door operator that is coming out of GAL Canada. There was good acceptance. Now we need to work hard with ALC to get the stocking program up and running. Contractors in Australia are used to a 16 week lead time for door operators and we will be able to drastically shift that paradigm. There is a good opportunity here for us.

It’s always good to be able to catch up with the friends I have made in Australia. The Aussie elevator guys are a fun loving and gregarious bunch. This being said, I am looking forward to some sleep on the 20 hours of flights going home.


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