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NAEC / Elevator U Update

If you have been following this blog you will remember that I wrote about Elevator U back in June after attending their annual meeting. They are a faction in our industry who would really benefit from access to the NAEC educational program (CET) at reasonable cost. If these entities were part of NAEC, they would also likely attend the annual convention and get the benefit of exposure to almost 200 exhibitors as well as interact with many Contractor companies with whom they could do business. I have always contended that this is a win-win. The Elevator U types get education and a closer relationship with the NAEC members, and the NAEC members get to meet and mingle with yet another faction of the industry that buys both equipment and contracting.

In September, I made a plea (and wrote a blog about it) to the combined NAEC and CECA Supplier faction at the United event.  A By Laws revision will be necessary in order for Elevator U types to become NAEC members.  After consideration by the NAEC BOD, the NAEC Bylaws committee will convene sometime soon to review / develop the clauses that need revision to accommodate this change. I continue to believe the inclusion and welcoming of the university and institutional organizations has great potential to boost their growth as well as NAEC’s.

So, my hope, although maybe ambitious, is to see a proposal from the BPSI_EU_55552_Sign_EUlogo4cy Laws committeeNAEC go before the BOD for consideration at the meeting which will be held during the Spring Conference – in April at Dana Point, CA. Great news, Great progress.


NAEC Board of Directors


Ken Garst (Great Lakes Elevator), Doug Witham (GAL), Hugh Bertschin (Premier Elevator) enjoying some down time

I am very privileged once every year to be able to accompany Teresa to her Mid-Year Board of Directors Meeting. The members of the BOD have 3 meetings a year, one each during the Spring Conference and the Convention and this Mid-Year (half way through the fiscal year) Meeting. This is the only time a BOD and spouses are together separate from the general membership.  It is the NAEC’s way of saying ‘thank you’ for all of the volunteer time and effort that the board members expend during the year. Read more…

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