Goose Hunting

Doug Witham, Michael Bonardi, John Mundt with 6 time world champ Josh Neuwiller and Remington (the Lab)

So what do you suppose happens when you get an elevator contractor, a consultant, and a supplier in a hotel room discussing elevators – (BTW we invited Jack Daniels to be the moderator). Yes – we solved almost all of the elevator industries problems in just two nights!

Actually, what happen was I went goose hunting with two good friends – Michael Bonardi of D & D Elevator and John Mundt Jr of Sterling Elevator Consulting. So goose hunting is over at kind of mid-day and what are you going to do? In our cases, you are going to talk elevators – and boy did we talk elevators.

Geared, gearless, hydro, MRL, PMAC, VVVF, direct hydros, roped hydros, rope brakes, whew. We agreed on some issues and disagreed (vehemently) on some issues but we had way too much fun throughout. The education that comes out of these sessions can’t be duplicated in a class room. Same goes for the friendship and respect.

And the goose hunting was also really fun. As a guide, we had a six time world champion goose caller – yes, they hold world-wide competitions – and Josh Neuwiller is the best. Listening to him talk to the geese on his calls is like listening to a virtuoso flutist – magnificent. Google him – what a treat to watch him work. This is about way more than killing geese – and we were successful at all aspects.

So now I have returned to New York City. I remember the outdoors. I remember hunting. I remember the camaraderie. I remember the elevator discussions. I don’t think there are any problems in the elevator industry. Makes me smile.


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2 thoughts on “Goose Hunting

  1. Teresa Witham on said:

    And the goose made a wonderful meal!!!

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