MAEC Christmas Event

Mark and and I showing off our 50 / 50 tickets

Some 100 elevator types attended the Mid Atlantic Elevator Association’s vendor expo and Christmas party on Tues. A very nice event that is gaining in popularity every year. 25 Vendors set up table top displays early on Tues and the doors opened at 11:00. Everybody enjoyed a good buffet lunch at noon. Attendees mingled with the exhibitors thru the afternoon and it was a great opportunity to talk elevators with a lot of the DC area contractors.

The atmosphere changed to one of a Christmas party starting at 3:00. Open bar along with snacks – lots of good camaraderie. Lots of the attendees brought door prizes which were raffled off and there were tickets sold for a 50/50 fund raiser for the association – Congrats to Mike Ryan of Peelle who took home the cash. Mark Yako (GAL) and Jeff Kneauer (Innovation Industries) handled the MC chores with their usual aplomb and humor.

Jeff and Mark doing their MC thing

There were a couple of pleasant surprises in store for me at this event. Got to catch up with Don Rosenberger. Don was the chief of elevators at GSA for years and now travels the world for the Department of State looking after the elevators at US Consulates – next week he heads to Mongolia – whew.

Mike Paschke (Canton Elevator) Mike Ryan (Peelle) and Teresa Witham (NAEC)

Tom and Nancy LaPorte – great friends from back in my Chicago years – also popped in. Tom, who is pretty much retired, was in town to celebrate the season with Quality Elevator on Weds. They still spend some of the Christmas season with family in Chicago but mostly live in Florida now. We got each other up to speed on all of our kids and grandkids – great fun.


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2 thoughts on “MAEC Christmas Event

  1. We’ve decided that next year we’ll display using Channucah lights and Xmas decorations to add to the feative occasion! It was the perfect place to get “updated” on industry happenings!

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