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Murphy Celebrates 80th Anniversary

The “Murphy Elevator Family”

What a night – and for good reason. Murphy Elevator of Louisville KY – the epitome of an Independent Elevator Contractor – hit its 80thanniversary – and they did it in grand style.

Greg and Maria Carlisle – the current generation in charge – brought together a great mixture of family and friends for a night of reflection and revelry. Family included both the Carlisle clan, literally family, and the Murphy Elevator family – the extended company family who are making Murphy Elevator what it is today. Read more…


We survived Sandy

We at GAL have received many many calls from concerned friends about how we fared during hurricane Sandy.  The upshot is that – especially compared to a many others, we are doing fine.

On Monday last week, the subways, trains, and busses were already shut down in anticipation of Sandy hitting later in the day. Of the 300 or so people who work here in the Bronx, some 90 made it to work. Early in the day, they began to announce bridge speed restrictions – and a very large percentage of us need to cross one bridge or another in order to get home. At 10:30, fearing that they would soon close the bridges, we closed and sent everyone home – and announced at that time that we would also be closed on Tues.

It is testimony to the loyalty and dedication of the GAL people that we re-opened on Weds. We were nowhere near full staff, but were able to operate. Thurs, as power was restored to more homes and the busses and subways began some limited service, we were beginning to get back into the swing of things and by Friday, were pretty much firing on all eight again.

There will probably be a small blip in deliveries schedules, but in anticipation of some need for quick turn-around, we are planning to pre-build products like hydro controls which are likely to have gone under water in lower Manhattan. Hopefully we will be able to help customers who need them quickly.

Everyone is being very inventive about finding and conserving gasoline – and sharing information about where and when you might find some available – but aside from this, I think GAL has been pretty much able to put Sandy behind it. A big thank you to everyone who expressed their concern. And now we are told we can expect a NorEaster to roll in here on Weds – cross your fingers and say a prayer for those who are still struggling with heat and shelter.

Euro Lift

Well, Euro lift did not disappoint. It was a well organized and well attended elevator exposition. Some 110 exhibitors participated. Show management said that they would send me the attendance numbers after they are totaled – but we stayed busy for all of the first two days saw some visitors on the third. Probably really would only need to be a two day show. Read more…

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