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Well, I guess that’s why they call it an experiment – doesn’t always work

I am at the MADE (Milano Architettura Design Ediliziz) show – in Milan Italy. For years there was an elevator only show here every year. This year, that show got cancelled and the lift association here threw in with this huge architectural exhibit. The show is a monster, they are expecting some 350,000 visitors – the elevator portion is definitely not. Read more…


A Sad Day Indeed

William C. Sturgeon
Credit: Elevator World Announcement

The elevator world is saddened as word spreads about the passing of William C Sturgeon.
If, and I think it is debatable, there has ever been another man who has been as impactful in our industry, it would have to be Elisha Graves Otis himself.
If you have the word elevator or escalator on your business card, your world has been affected by contributions from Bill Sturgeon. In 1961 he was chosen the elevator industry’s Man of the Year and in 1995 the National Association of Elevator Contractors created the William C. Sturgeon Distinguished Service Award to be given annually to the member of the industry making the greatest contribution to the well-being of the elevator field. Sturgeon is also a founding member of NAEC, the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association, The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities and the Elevator/Escalator Safety Foundation. The exclamation mark on his spectacular career was the founding of Elevator World (the magazine) in 1953. Elevator World and the elevator world owe Bill Sturgeon a debt of gratitude.
I am not close at all to the Space Elevator design competition, but I know this. If the space elevator ever pushes up anywhere near heaven, we now have someone on the other side who is pulling.
Godspeed William C Sturgeon.

Elevator World Announcement
The Birmingham News Obituary

Elevator Friends 2

Some of The Usual Suspects – L to R – Doug Witham, Phil Reid, Dick Vinciquerra, Larry Fulgenzi, Mike Klehr

I’ve written before about elevator friends and how special I think our industry is because of the friendships made. Well, here I go again.
Last weekend a group of the usual suspects joined Phil & Joyce Reid of Premier Elevator at their vacation home on Lake Keowee (SC). Yikes – it’s my usual question – “Who has more fun than we do?” I don’t have the vocabulary to describe the bonds that grow between elevator friends – but I know that it is unique. The group consisted of Phil & Joyce, Larry & Lou Fulgenzi (EDS), Mike & Shelly Klehr (MEI), Dick & Carol Vinciquerra (AFD), and Teresa and myself. Read more…

MAEC Event

The Mid Atlantic Elevator Chapter of NAEC held its annual golf outing last week in Upper Marlboro MD. Attendance was great and the day turned out to be spectacular despite the forecast for rain earlier in the week. 70 Golfers teed it up and enjoyed the camaraderie of the day.

MAEC is hybrid association. When the original group had a difficult time maintaining the momentum, the leadership in the association voted to become the first ever regional chapter of NAEC. Now, when it comes to organizing MAEC events, Shawn Cowden of NAEC headquarters does a lot of the heavy lifting. Shawn was on-site here to see to the details of organizing and dealing with the golf course.

Read more…

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