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United Elevator Show – Part 2 (and Video)

I blogged a little earlier about Elevator U and the opportunity I see to welcome their members into NAEC in some new membership category.

At the United In Atlantic City event, I was given some time at the podium during the combined NAEC & CECA Suppliers General Session to make my case to the assemble membership. I thought it went over very well. There were no objections raised and it seemed to me that those in attendance thought that this may in fact be a good idea for everyone involved. Read more…


United Elevator Show – Part 1

The whole GAL / Hollister / GAL Canada Gang – taken from the second story of the booth

So the United In Atlantic City event was last week. I’ll write a couple of blurbs about the going’s on there – but first an overview for those who might not belong to one of the industries associations.
United is a joint convention that includes participation from NAEC, (National Asso. Of Elevator Contractors – who does almost all of the organization), and IAEC (International Asso. of Elevator Consultants), CECA (Canadian Elevator Contractors Asso) and NAESA International (National Asso. of Elevator Safety Authorities). This was the third time that all of the groups have combined – Toronto in 2005, Orlando in 2009, and now Atlantic City. Read more…

One Price

One of the things that GAL and Hollister Whitney hold on to that is a little different in the elevator industry is their one-price policy. Yep – no quantity discount – ever – period.

This philosophy is rooted deep in the psyche of the company. It is based on a couple of unique principles that are held near and dear by us. For the sake of this explanation, when I use the pro noun ‘we’ or ‘us’, I am referring to the combination of GAL and Hollister Whitney. Read more…

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