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Elevator Friends

I’m not that every industry is like elevators, but I know this: many many times, people in this industry who start out as competitors, customers, consultants etc, wind up being friends.

Dinner is served – McDuffie Style

This past weekend is a case in point. Teresa and I, along with Dick and Carol Vinciquerra (AFD Industries), and Frank and Joanne Gianni (a retired Elevator Vagabond of considerable repute and experience), were hosted on what has become an annual retreat to ‘Sanctuary McDuffie’. The  Lord and Lady of this haven are Steve and Chris McDuffie of Pine State Elevator. Their ‘camp’ (a quaint term used in the extreme Northeast to describe any sort of hideaway) sits on the rugged coast line of an island – specifically Long Island – some 5 miles off shore from Portland Maine.
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Steve Beenfeldt

Attended a great event / celebration honoring Steve Beenfeldt on Monday night at Petco Park in San Diego. I had a couple of reasons to be on the west coast and managed to combine them and join in the fun.

Steve has been an inspiration / role model for a lot of people in our industry – especially people on the west coast. He is really smart, the consummate gentleman, great business acumen and not a bad golf stick in his day. He suffered a stroke a couple of years back and was completely taken out of action – but a group of his friends decided that this was no reason not to celebrate his 69th birthday – which we did in style. Some 20 people – happily ensconced in a luxury box while the Padres lost yet another ball game – sat around and told stories and laughed about the times we had all shared with Steve.

He was working for Cubic Corp and was reassigned to the US Elevator division – a bean counter (comptroller) at the time. He went on to do a lot of different jobs for different elevator companies during his career and was still at Amtech when Otis acquired that business. The guy touched a lot of lives in the middle.

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United Convention Atlantic City


So as fall begins to near, those of us who are peddlers to the industry begin to think about the NAEC Convention. This year, (Sept 10 thru 13) NAEC is combining efforts with CECA, NAESAI, and IAEC – this will make it a blockbuster show. GAL, Hollister, ECI, and GAL Canada will be going all out to make sure all of our latest and greatest stuff is on display.

NAEC does a neat thing for the exhibitors who spend their hard earned money to put up displays (read that “those who support NAEC” and the show) They allow us to invite our customers to come and see the exhibits at no charge.

There are a couple of caveats:

1 – Suppliers to the industry are not eligible to attend on these free passes.

2 – The offer expires on Aug 29th.

If you are a customer of ours, we hope you will down load this form, fill it out, and fax it back to NAEC.

AC Expo Comp Form

Hope to see you in Atlantic City

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